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Start exploring New York’s historic sites, buildings, and art!

A major player in world events for centuries, New York has a rich and fascinating history.  Extraordinary events that happened here have been portrayed in books and films from James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans to the documentary Woodstock.  While everyone enjoys hearing a good story, it’s more fun and exciting to experience it for yourself.

In New York, you can step right into history at colonial villages, canal towns, covered bridges, battlefields, grand estates, humble homesteads, halls of fame, presidential sites, and many other landmarks, museums and historic sites, from the Montauk Lighthouse on the eastern tip of Long Island to Old Fort Niagara in the west.

Over the centuries and up to the moment, New York has made tremendous strides in education, science, agriculture, industry and commerce. Despite the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the New York Stock Exchange, founded in 1792, continues to be the center of world finance. Research and inventive genius have been wide-ranging, in fields from electronics to nanotechnology and biomedical advancement. With New York City as its heart, the state is also an international center for art, music, literature and cuisine.

From 1977 when the I LOVE NEW YORK campaign introduced one of the world’s most iconic brands, to 2008 when David Paterson became New York’s first African-American governor, to May 2009, when a Pedestrian Mall was created on Broadway in New York City, New York continues to make history. And after more than 30 years, millions of visitors from around the world continue to say, “I Love New York.”